So that you never get lost in translation

Psychrami LS undertakes projects of translation of texts from various fields (legal, financial, medical, technical texts, degrees, certificates, theses, etc) from Greek to English or French and vice versa. There is always the possibility to certify that your translation is an official translation of the original document. Every translation project is unique and we try to satisfy the needs of each one of our clients, providing quick and high-quality translations.

We have the resources and expertise to provide high-quality, efficiently delivered translations. Either specialized or not, your text will be translated into the target language, reviewed and edited so that the result will be comparable to any text originally written in that language.

Our goal is to make our client happy. We want to cooperate with you and leave you satisfied by the result. The process is simple:

As the files we receive are of different formats and in different languages, the pricing is calculated per word of the source text and not per line or per page.